-Iranian music on guitar workshop

November 6th and 7th 2019

-Faxti e Owsat, released!

October 14th 2019

-Iranian music on guitar workshop

May 16th and 17th 2019

-Hengam Ensemble’s first album, “The New Epoch”


December 6th 2018

-Haman Band “Ba Ham”


June 13th 2018

-“Down on earth” on Iran’s best of 2018 on Beehype

January 31st 2019

-Omnium first album, “Down on earth”


September 6 2018

-Haman Band “Baham”, Coming soon…

June 8th 2018

Coming soon…

May 15th 2018

Coming soon…

May 8th 2018

Live at Da with omnium

March 9th 2018

-Haman Band new video “Fasele” 

Jan 18 2018

-Vigier guitars arrived!

Jan 8 2018

-Modern music school New branch in Karaj!

Jan 7 2018