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ARÂQ:  This Guse is the gateway to a whole new dimension of MÂHUR which will happen in next Guše. it starts in high A and tends to move towards its previous note (G) and of course the high C using Bb.

NAHI:B: Starting from the high C and ascending with B back to natural again and Eb appearing on top of that, we can see a kind of melodic minor scale, formed on the 3rd and 4th tetrachords of MÂHUR. Moving towards the end, high G would be the destination using Bb again.

MOHAYYER: A very short one from F to high C using Bb and then B natural to form a variation of DARÂMAD but an octave higher.

ÂSHUR-ÂVAND: It mostly happens above the high C, starting with F and using Ek to make a smooth move towards  F. Moving back to the high C would bring back the Eb to the picture again, showing its connection to its previous Gušes.

ESFEHÂNAK: Another short Guše with Eb staring on the highest D(above the C) and back to the high C using an interesting rhythmic sequence.

To be continued…

☆: All the musics in this blog is played by OSTÂD HOSEIN ALI:ZÂDEH on SETÂR and has been published by MÂHUR RECORDS.

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