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DASTGÂH e MÁHUR (part 05)

NASI:RXÁNI: (TUSI:): In this Guše, the melody is back to DARÂMAD e MÁHUR and it’s mostly plays above the root and goes up even to the 9th with a B natural lower than the root and a Bb in the 3rd tetrachord. It starts with the root and ends with it and in the beginning the low G appears between the repeating roots.


CHÁHÁRPÁREH (MORADXÁNI:): Same as the previous Guše but starts with low G and the melody do not go higher than the high Bb. A few jumping to the 4th degree (from low G to the root and D to high G) has been used in this Guše.



FEYLI: : Another NAVÁ in G (based on MAHUR in F), starts with Mahur’s famous ascending run which can be heard in several Guše’s of Mahur.  C to A are the only notes played in Feyli: (all natural notes. The I:st is G but it ends on D.



MÁHUR e SAQI:R: Starts in G with lots of repetitive sequences that tries not to go back to the main C and creat some suspension, but the main I:st is C and makes some cadences on it hear and there. In the end you can here the Mahur’s main cadence, using the low B to C.


ÁZARBAYJÁNI:: The famous ascending run again in the beginning!

Again, no sharps and flats from the main C to G with the low B to stabilize the I:st on the main C.




To be continued…

☆: All the musics in this blog is played by OSTÂD HOSEIN ALI:ZÂDEH on SETÂR and has been published by MÂHUR RECORDS.

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