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DASTGÂH e MÁHUR (part 04)

XÁVARÁN: Another NAVÁ in G, based on the second degree of our second MÁHUR (in F), as we’ve seen before in XOSRAVÁNI but with a different phrasing.

D and F are other i:st s in this Guše and at the end we descend to the main C with A and B natural like DARÁMAD e MÁHUR.

TARAB ANGI:Z: a rhythmic guše with its I:st on G. Then the I:st comes down to the main C and uses it as a pedal tone (VÁXÁN) through the end.

NEYŠÁBURAK: It can be seen in DASTGÂH e NAVÂ too. In MÁHUR, this Guše forms on a minor 3rd below the Finalis (A) and can be recognized with a jump to the 4th degree(From A to D)and going back to C. This is the first time that the Finalis is below the main C. In the end, it goes back to C like the other Gušes of this DASTGÂH to show us that we are still playing MÁHUR!

To be continued…

☆: All the musics in this blog is played by OSTÂD HOSEIN ALI:ZÂDEH on SETÂR and has been published by MÂHUR RECORDS.

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