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DASTGÂH e MÁHUR (part 02)

4- MOQADDAME ye DÁD: Melody starts and ends with D and tends to change the I:ST (finalis) to D.


5- DÁD: Melody starts with F and descends to C and the I:ST (finalis) moves from C to D. In these 2 Gušes, we don’t play the first tetrachord of this DASTGÂH anymore(C to A) and we are going to introduce the 3rd tetrachord step by step* (which is another RÂST but its based on F):


   F G A B♭


6- MAJLES AFRUZ: Another (rhythmic figure that you hear in ŠUR too**) which can written like this:



Here in this Guše you can here F♯ for the first time in this DASTGÂH as an altered tone(refer to the previous blog and look for OŠŠAQ)


*: We don’t play B♭in these Gušes yet.





To be continued…

☆: All the musics in this blog is played by OSTÂD HOSEIN ALI:ZÂDEH on SETÂR and has been published by MÂHUR RECORDS.

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