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Connecting Tetrachords 02

… And now we take a look at the third and final way of connecting tetrachords in Iranian classical music: connecting them with more 1 note in common:

1- connecting them with 2 notes in common

For example you can connect RÂST and BAYÂT e RÂJE like this:


E F G♯ A

2- connecting them with 3 notes in common

For example you can connect SHAHNÂZ and DARÂMAD e SEGÂH like this:

G Ak Bb C

    Ak Bb C Dk

3- connecting them with 4 notes in common (means the notes are same but the I:ST* (finalis) notes are different).

For example you can connect ČAKÂVAK (finalis is the note C) and DARÂMAD e ČAHÂRGÂH (with it’s finalis on G) like this:

G Ak B C

G Ak B C

*: I:st and finalis do not have exact same meanings and we will talk about I:st in the next blog.



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